Conference Review

Some thoughts about my conference experience:

Art connects us with the world in a specific way. Through art processes, we get in touch with others, the world and ourselves. Therefore making art can be understood as a kind of worldmaking, as Nelson Goodman turned out.

On Sept. 16th and 17th, a remarkable conference about “International Perspectives of Research in Arts Education” took place in Düsseldorf. Prof. Christian Rittelmeyer, member of the advisory board, invited me, to present my dissertation research there.


Everyone contributed own ideas about the different ways, how the questions “what can art teach us?” and “what educates us in life?” can be answered.

Liora Bresler from University of Illinois gave Weiterlesen

BMBF Workshop Düsseldorf – International Perspectives of Research in Arts Education

BMBFAm 16. und 17. September findet in Düsseldorf der 2. BMBF-Workshop statt. Zusammen mit Professor Christian Rittelmeyer stelle ich im Workshop „Art based research – Methodological approach“ das folgendes Thema vor: (Abstract in English – am Ende der Seite die deutsche Übersetzung)

Über die allmähliche Verfertigung der Erkenntnisse in bildnerischen Prozessen
„Der Pinsel ist dazu da, die Dinge vor dem Chaos zu retten“
(Tao Chi zit. nach Berger 2005)


Understanding – Creating

on the gradual generation of understanding through creative processes “The brush saves the things from chaos.” (Tao Chi)

The skilled movement of the brush is similar to Weiterlesen